[Marxism] Vive Comrade !

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Wed Aug 31 08:30:42 MDT 2005

What a coincidence. :)  Perfect timing.

When I speak on this subject the crowds are really behind me. 
I'm used to all this.  
.  So coming up in school I was THE "nigger lover."  I can't count how many
times I dusted off the seat of my pants after some gang of white boy dumped
me.  I tell my wife and kids that it will be okay.  But they have never
experienced any sort of systematic harassment, so my words don't do much to
comfort them.  

The good thing is that things have died down a bit now that I have tenure
and have been promoted.  
  The Republicans even asked me to be the faculty advisor for the Campus
Republicans.  I respectfully declined (although I considered it, for some
perverse reason).  I do not trust things will remain quiet, however.  There
is too much at stake - especially when I start rolling out the articles on
the disaster area that is our river and bay.



Long live Andrew Austin !



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