[Marxism] Sheehan says she's glad Bush didn't meet with her

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 31 10:07:49 MDT 2005


Bush Killed my Son, Said Cindy Sheehan

Madrid, Aug 30 (Prensa Latina) "My son Casey was killed by Bush and
his insane, cruel and arrogant foreign policy", denounced Cindy
Sheehan, a brave mother who does not forgive The US President for
causing a war based on lies.

Sheehan, a symbol of the current anti warmongering, gave a
heartbreaking interview Tuesday to a journalist from the Spanish
newspaper El Pais, in which she warns the president he is not
listening to those opposing the war against Iraq.

The driving force behind Sheehan's tireless activity is her son
Casey, killed in Iraq at the age of 24. He was part of a team in
charge of finding out the existence of weapons of mass destruction
that served to justify the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Cindy, as everybody calls her, assured in the interview that "The
Bush Administration has undervalued our capacity to call the people,
a whole movement saying what nobody dares to say: that this war was a

"I am accused of being unpatriotic because I want to bring the troops
home, and I say: it is a patriotic obligation to prevent a country
from its government", stated the newspaper which recalled that her
son died on August 4 2004 because of a lie.

"It is been proved that this war was based on lies and betrayals. My
son died because of a lie, the only one way to help our young boys is
to take them out of there and bring them back home safe", the woman

She said her heartbreak and sorrow can only be lessened when she
knows there will not be other women suffering as she is. Cindy
considers that 1862 mothers of soldiers killed in Iraq are too many
broken hearts.

"My son Casey was murdered by Bush and his insane, cruel and arrogant
policy. He said he had died for a noble cause. I would really like to
know what this noble cause is about, I would like him to explain
that," the mother demanded.

"This is an immoral and illegal war. Our duty as human beings with
morals is to fight it with all our strength. I do not want Bush to
justify his death, his murder, his imperialist foreign policy with my
son's blood and honor," she said.

"I want Bush to honor him by withdrawing the troops from Iraq and
bringing them back home immediately", she concluded without taking a
breath in her recital of her reasons.


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