[Marxism] Re: New York Times editorial on New Orleans disaster

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Wed Aug 31 10:29:32 MDT 2005

This is a useful comment by a good friend of mine on the issues in the
Louisiana disaster, and its social and social significance.  One thing
that is missing, in my opinion, is global warming as a product of the
class struggle, and of working-class setbacks and defeats that have made
it impossible to place the practical interests of human beings over the
demands of captial.
Fred Feldman

There are two issues to this disaster.  First the environmental cause
and what can be done to soften the blows of nature (in New Orleans for
example, the marsh structure).  And the overall issue of global warming
which will cause its own problems and aggravate others (larger storms
than normal).


However, not counterpoised to this is the social issue, how a society
deals with these disasters despite whatever is aggravating them.  This
is the most immediate issue.  The lack of government presence in helping
to coordinate the evacuation; the methods used to deal with refugees;
the blaming of looters when there is no one doing anything about
bringing in food, water. So far there is no major federal coordination
of this catastrophe.  Where are the army leaders at the news conferences
with the maps showing how they are going about coordination rescue, etc?
The business as usual mentality and the soon to come passing on of this
expense to working people to pay for.  Then there is the question of the
absence of troops and helicopters, etc. to help and the absence of govt
monies now given over to the rich.  Where is the "Florida effort" that
Bush provided to his brothers state before the elections.  There will be
a million or so people without work, homes, etc.  A massive public works
program should be instituted to rebuild the area and provide jobs.  


It may be that this, like Cindy Sheehan, will be a trigger.  War,
devastation, economic shocks.  So far, no one has put there arms around
the extent of this problem and the implications and consequences.
Meanwhile, Bush, rather than taking 3 days from his vacation, will only
be taking 2 away.  


These shots on TV of poor Black people, [descendants] of the slaves who
worked in the plantations in those areas, crowded into that superdome or
wandering down flooded country roads really gets to me.  Just about how
much is going to be done to reclaim their lives.
Suzanne M. Haig


Suzanne M. Haig

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