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   I am really outraged how the richest nation on earth shows itself  
incapable of protecting their people from upcoming natural desasters.

   There was talk for several days that hurricane Katrine might hit  
New Orleans, and there were no real preparations for an evacuation and  
of reinforcing the levees protecting the city from the surrounding,  
higher waters.

   Please go back to the Marxmail archives of September 2004 and find  
out that New Orlean's mayor was aware of the dangers to the city  
resulting from a major hurricane. And that he said the the 100'000  
poor of New Orleans would have no chance to get out of harm's way  
because they own no car.

   Did he organize to set up plans to get the people evacuate  
nevertheless? Did he organize plans to reinforce the levees and  
organize their protection against a hit by a hurricane. Nope. Nothing  

   When the evacuation was finally ordered shortly before landfall of  
Katrina a few days ago, it was as announced a year before: everybody  
is left by themselves, no common effort to save everybody.

FF> I agree with Jose that this should be viewed as primarily a social
FF> catastrophe, caused by the effects of a decaying social system on
FF> governmental corruption and indifference, infrastructure, race
FF> relations, and human solidarity in all its forms.

   Only now, when "unrest is threatening" among the 20'000 or more  
people held in New Orlean's Super Dome, without water, electricity  
i.e. no light and no air conditioning in this rooms without windows,  
without functioning toilets, only now they start talking about  
organizing a bus cavalcade to bring those people to the stadium in  
Houston, Texas. Only now they are talking about evacuating the cities  

   Why didn't they do it right away? Why wait so long?

FF> We know from Cuban experience that real disasters can happen and the
FF> resulting damage can be contained in advance, during, and afterwards
FF> by the power of organized human solidarity at every level.

   Before the disastrous hurrican Ivan hit western Cuba in September  
2004, 1.5 or even 1.9 million people have been brought out of harms  
way, in an organized fashion, without leaving anybody behind.

   When poor Cuba can do it, why not the rich USA? They could have  
organized a dozen or more planes, hundreds of buses, and what have  
you, to organize a complete evacuation of the city.

   There are no material reasons not to save peoples lives, only the  
incapacity of the capitalist society which is well able to bring shock  
and awe and real destruction in all parts of the globe, conquer  
countries, organize hundreds of thousands of soldiers to terrorize  
people all around the world, but even then they can't create  
conditions where human beings can live in peace and progress.

   From the standpoint of humanity, saving human lives is the first  
priority, capitalism is incapable.

   Think also of those who managed to get out of New Orleans and other  
areas hit by Katrina. They might be about a million people who are now  
wandering around in the USA, who have lost their jobs, their homes,  
and will soon not even be possible to use their credit cards to pay  
hotel accomodation or whatever, since the banks at home are shut down,  
they are flooded and have no electricity and the bank workers  
themselves are among the refugees.

   A real social crisis is looming for the USA.

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