[Marxism] Viva Comrade

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at juno.com
Wed Aug 31 12:51:02 MDT 2005

On Wed, 31 Aug 2005 13:21:06 -0400 "Charles Brown"
<cbrown at michiganlegal.org> writes:
> Austin, Andrew 
> Charles,
> I am not sure what you intended by your post, but when I read it I 
> couldn't
> help but think about how events in one's life are not unlike 
> cavities in
> one's mouth - they always feels bigger to the tip of the tongue than 
> to the
> dentist.  So I apologize for going on about my personal experiences. 
>  I did
> not mean to appear to be putting on airs.
> Peace,
> Andrew
> ^^^^^^
> Andrew,
> No, I don't think you were putting on airs. On the contrary, I think 
> your
> post shows you are a real comrade , and that you come by it 
> honestly. 
> As far as you telling us something good about yourself, how else 
> would we
> know it if you didn't tell us ?  Ironically, genuine people like you 
> are
> modest, and hesitate to blow their own horns. Glad to hear about 
> your work
> and background.
> No sarcasm: Viva Comrade Andrew ! Wish we had 1000 more like you.

Andy was just letting us know that he was only doing his
job as a professor.  It's just that doing one's duty as
a scholar and teacher can get you fired, harassed,
jailed or even worse, as has happened to many
professors both here and abroad, in the recent and
not so recent pasts.

> Charles
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