[Marxism] With hundreds or thousands killed in social catastrophe -- is New Orleans the scene of a Caracazo?

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Wed Aug 31 18:01:39 MDT 2005

It seems to me that the capitalism-made slaughter and devastation of the
flooding is being backed up by a  rampage by shoot-to-kill cops and
troops against real and alleged looters -- that is, people of color
(with Blacks the number one target)left behind, unprotected and
unprovided-for and on their own,  by the "disaster planning."

I think the horror of what is taking place seems to be almost beyond
words. The TV of course considers the Black (and, in some cases, Latino
people) who are in the streets to be criminals who can be legitimately
gunned down in large numbers.  They see this as the "natural" follow-up
to such a "natural" disaster, human beings who aren't white being what
they are.

I think we need to make a systematic collection of facts about the New
Orleans situation in preparation for an exposure of a gigantic
ruling-class and government crime, and in defense of the hundreds or
thousands of people who are likely to be jailed, in part to coverup the
crimes of the rulers by focusing attention on the criminality of the
lower orders.  We need to stand absolutely behind the oppressed
communities who are now under attack -- regardless of whether they got
anything from a store or whatever.

The only criminals here are the US government, the local and state
officials, and their cops and military, and the ruling class.  This is
their horror show from start to finish.
Fred Feldman

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