[Marxism] Re: Reporting on the evil of looting amidst the horror

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Aug 31 18:00:07 MDT 2005

on september 11, 2001, i decided to never use the word "terrorist" in a
spoken or written sentence ever again. and i've lived very comfortably 
with this decision since that day.

on august 29, 2005, i officially stopped using the word "looter". well, 
i never used it anyway, my mom taught me it was OK for people to steal 
to survive. i loathe its racist use on TV today.

everytime i see some 80 year old black grandmother pulled from a New
Orleans submergible, i move ever so slightly towards ultraleftism.

was looking at the aerial views of New Orleans and Gulfport earlier on
TV.i know there is some capitalist somewhere licking his chops. there is
going to be some major rebuilding of ports and other essential 
facilities for the maintenance of the profit stream. and you know who 
will pay for it.

meanwhile, i hear the New Orleans' "sump pumps" have failed as of
yesterday afternoon. and if i understand correctly, levee maintenance is
handled by a private company. that is one hell of a breach in the  wall.
and after all these years they had no realistic plan to hold a levee up
while under attack.

i filled my gas tank today at $3.44 a gallon. it was $2.60 yesterday
afternoon at the same station. as i pulled out of the gas station, i
literally came within inches of getting sideswiped by a truck
barreling down the road in the opposite direction. on the sides of the
truck was a huge mural with the words "remember 9/11" emblazoned in
large letters.  some conservative must be funding these trucks traveling
around the country.

then i sat down at lunch with some engineers, all ready to discuss 
impedance spectroscopy. instead these guys only wanted to talk about the
social/political disaster that is New Orleans, and Cindy Sheehan, who
all had seen on Bill Maher last nite. when we raised glasses to say the
equivalent of "la chaim", i said "for the revolution" and no one batted
an eyelash.

traveling to a meeting in the afternoon, i passed an old Exide battery
plant that has been closed for 30 years due to environmental problems. i
heard the state had finally obtained money to clean up the site. the EPA
is mandating that the soil be dug up for 20 feet below the entire
floor plan of the factory. today they must have started work on the
cleanup, for the first time in three decades i saw trucks and crews and
equipment all over the place. i'll be sending a check in the mail to
each marxmail subscriber for the amount of $100 times the number of
white skinned workers i saw in the 30-odd-man crew.

incidentally, i just read in a science journal that the EPA is preparing 
to OK wide-scale testing of pesticides on human test subjects. this was 
fought for by the pesticide industry itself. why they want same is left 
as an exercise for the reader.i wondser who will volunteer for these 

at the local coffeehouse later this afternoon the TV declared that Bush 
will be speaking at 5 PM. i started bad mouthing the whole official 
handling of New Orleans in front of a bunch of elderly people there to 
buy and drink their coffee in peace. i've never seen so many people 
smile warmly at me in such a short time, when i announced i would love 
to see Bush personally at the levee, shoveling shit. the smiles came 
AFTER i asked "where's all the Louisiana National Guard". i did NOT have 
to answer my own question.

has something changed here in the U.S. in the last 72 hours?

les schaffer

---- from current NY Times, hot off the AP wire:

There will be a ''total evacuation of the city. We have to. The city
will not be functional for two or three months,'' [New Orleans mayor]
Nagin said. And he said people will not be allowed back into their homes
for at least a month or two.

Nagin estimated 50,000 to 100,000 people remained in New Orleans, a city
of nearly half a million. He said 14,000 to 15,000 a day could be evacuated.

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