[Marxism] RE: Reporting on the evil of looting amidst the horror

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 31 20:44:16 MDT 2005

Tom O'Lincoln writes, about the way "looting" is described, "To prove a
case of racism, we would need to establish how the same agency would
label different pictures."

Maybe in the Australian Supreme Court you would. Not where I live. Go
look at the 15-second loop of looting that CNN has on its web site
"padded out" to a minute by repetition. As far as we can tell, people
are coming out with immediate necessities -- water or beverages, food,
diapers for the babies. People who are women. People who are Black. In a
city where civilization has completely broken down. Which, even as we
watch, is being swallowed by a lake. And they are trying to save
themselves, and their loved ones. And for THIS they get branded
"looters" and examples of "the worst in people" by the like of LIBERAL
Wolf Blitzer.


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