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> Lewis is a legend in Canada, is married to Canadian journalist  Michele 
> Landsberg. He is the father of Canadian broadcaster Avi  Lewis, who 
> married journalist and author Naomi Klein.

He's also the former leader of the Ontario NDP and son of David Lewis, who 
along with Tommy Douglas, were the two leading lights of Canadian social 
democracy in the postwar period. Lewis Sr. succeeded Douglas as national 
leader of the NDP.

Stephen, as Ontario party leader, was instrumental in hounding the NDP 
left - the so-called Waffle - out of the party in the early 70s. Despite its 
frivolous-sounding name and sometimes questionable policies, the Waffle 
represented a serious threat to the party leadership and engaged the 
attention of the national media in its efforts to move the party to the left 
on Vietnam, Quebec self-determination, and public ownership. Some of us on 
the list were active in the Waffle as members of the Canadian USec section, 
the League for Socialist Action, and differences over the League's 
orientation to both the Waffle and the NDP became entangled in the larger 
split then unfolding between the SWP and the European groups influenced by 
Ernest Mandel.

Lewis, a strong speaker and talented politican like his dad, put his 
leadership on the line in calling for sanctions against the Waffle, which 
prompted the departure of its main forces, who in any case already believed 
they could successfully challenge the NDP from outside as the Movement for 
an Independent and Socialist Canada. The MISC quickly faded into obscurity. 
A minority of the Waffle leadership gravitated towards the LSA - or rather, 
to its pro-European wing - and later formed a rival "sympathizing section of 
the FI" in opposition to the League. 

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