[Marxism] re: Some comments on Stan Goff's post

Josh Saxe joshsaxe at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 00:01:48 MST 2005

2005/12/4, Jon Flanders <jonflanders at jflan.net>:
> We are talking about something other than the completion of basic
> democratic tasks, like the right to vote, aren't we?

Did you get your history of the 60's black movement off the History
Channel or something?  I'd recommend that you look at - The
Autobiography of Malcolm X, "Die, Nigger, Die" by H. Rap Brown, From
the Dead Level by Hakim Jamal, "Detroit, I Do Mind Dying," "Rebellion
in Newark" by Tom Hayden, look at the "Eyes on the Prize" documentary
series, the documentaries "Finally Got the News" and "Attica" if you
can get your hands on them, for starters.  They will give you a
different picture of the black movement that I think suggests the
struggle was over something much more fundamental.

The notion that the struggle for racial equality is about sweeping
away some remnants of an uncompleted American bourgeois revolution
("basic democratic tasks") is pretty ridiculous.  One only has to look
at the basic facts of the bourgeois transformation of the Americas
from the English colonization up to the present to see that - the
conquest of Mexico, Monroe doctrine, slavery, genocide against the
Indians, dozens of interventions in Latin America, etc.  Capitalism
grew up on the basis of racism and imperialism and can never be
disconnected from these systems.  Ending racism is a task of the
socialist revolution, not the bourgeois revolution.  The black
militants of the 1960's could not have realized their demands under

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