[Marxism] Re Just What Part of "Workers of theWorldUnite!" don't you understand?

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 5 20:30:23 MST 2005

From: Louis Proyect 
> I think that if there had been a sincere commitment
> building a broader socialist movement, it could have
> real progress since there is a real openness 
> internationally to such developments. 

The problem is: sincere committment on whose part? The
DSP is/was certainly sincerely committed. This isn't
and wasn't true of at least some of the other
currents, a fact which obviously is fuelling the pissy
tone of some of the DSP comments.

> He quotes John Percy 
> This is exactly the sort of mentality that James P.
> brought into the Socialist Party during the "French

Without wishing to buy into the DSP's internal
debates, even Adler's article pointed out that Percy
was speaking for the minority of the DSP National

Strange thought, isn't it? The terrible monolithic
Zinovievists are having a genuine debate about what
course they should take. My goodness.

The thing is, of course, that no initiative is bound
to succeed, and, in fact, the odds are rather good
that it will fail. The point is to try, and to learn
from the attempt.

The interesting bit about all of this is that it's the
US left which is lagging behind this international
openness to such projects. I suspect, from the other
side of the world (so I don't really know what I am
talking about!), that there is a political struggle to
be waged. 

But in Australia at least this struggle had/has more
than one aspect. It's not just convincing people that
such a project is desirable, or for that matter
possible, but it's also a case of ensuring that there
are the forces (cadres) available and willing to make
it happen.

This is how the circle needs to be squared.

Incidentally, if the Australian SA project does indeed
fail, it will be necessary for the DSP to rebuild
itself - that is, move back into grouplet mode for a
while - in order to fight again later. Hopefully not
all the modest gains that have actually been made
would be lost in this period. That would mean finding
other ways of continuing cooperation between as many
of the people in and around the SA as are willing to
continue to do so.

Finally, a disclaimer: I am not actually a member of
the Socialist Alliance, since I am in a provincial
city where they have no presence. For me to be a
member would therefore be a rather token exercise,
with little or no benefit to my (rather sporadic)
practical activity. None the less, I am firmly in
sympathy with the SA project, especially it's partyist
wing, of which the DSP is the most obvious component.

And the DSP have pretty much done everything which you
suggested in your imaginary Barnes speech.

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