[Marxism] El-Masri case confirmed, continued secret collaboration assured (was: Extraordinary Rendition Scandal Reaches New Heights)

Lueko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Tue Dec 6 08:11:52 MST 2005

On Tue, 06 Dec 2005 10:51:31 +0100 (MEZ), Lueko Willms wrote:

>   Condoleezza Rice and German chancellor Angela Merkel are expected
> in a press conference any minute now (it was supposed to start at
> 9:30, i.e. 15 minutes ago); we'll see what they have to say. 

   As already noted in the changed subject line, the one positive
outcome of this press conference is that the case of Khaled el Masri
is being confirmed. 

   When Masri tried to get action on his behalf after being released,
all German authorities would not want to deal with it declaring his
story about being kidnapped in Makedonia and held captive in
Afghanistan for five months to be a phantastic invention. 

   But Angela Merkel had only one consequence to draw: that new
foreign minister, Steinmeier, would give a report to the special
parliamentary commission on the secret services, where everything
said and heard and read is supposed to remain secret and not
disclosed to anyone else. 

   She also promised that all future cases like Masri's -- who is a
German citizen -- would treated that way, i.e. just a secret report
to the confidential parliamentary committee. 

   At least Masri can now go to court and ask for a compensation for
false imprisonment, and also take the German government to issue for
collaborating with his kidnappers in denying him justice. What amound
of red tape will be put in the way of Masri remains to be seen. I
think that a defense and solidarity committee would be a very useful
initiative in this case. 

   Besides that, the questions which were not asked were the most
outstanding feature of this press conference, even taking into
account, that the journalists were handpicked by A. Merkel and of
course only accredited journalists, whose livelyhood depends on being
able to attend such press conferences, were present. 

   So, nobody asked what would have happened if the CIA would not
have found out after five months that they had the "wrong" al Masri?
Would they have given his wife a note about his whereabouts? Would he
have been able to consult a lawer and let himself be represented by
one? Would he be presented to a judge or a jury of peers? 

   And especially to A. Merkel: wouldn't such cases of kidnapping be
rather a case for the courts instead of the secret agencies? Isn't it
one of the most basic democratic rights that nobody may be arrested
without being able to defend himself before a public court, together
with a lawer representing and counseling the defendant? 

   And to C. Rice: how many people are kept under custody by this
"intelligence" secret way, and for how long? Where are they? What
happens to them? When are they going to be set free again? 

   And also to C. Rice, especially after she explained how important
"intelligence" would be to _prevent_ future attacks -- why then does
the USA incarcerate five Cuban patriots who did exactly that:
gathering "intelligence" about plans of terrorist attacks on the
island? And why does the USA not hand over this arch terrorist
Posadas Carriles to his judges who wait in Caracas to continue the
proceedings against him for the accusation of masterminding the
killing of 73 people in a Cuban Airlines plane off Barbados in 1976? 

   As to the questions posed by Brian Shannon in a previous message,
I do think that we should mainly insist on the rights of every human
being not to be incarcerated without due process of law. Asking for
resignation of ministers and so is in my opinion not helpful, because
the next one will continue; the issue is not to exchange the figures,
but to change the practice. 

   Also the demand for withdrawal of occupation forces from Iraq etc,
so necessary it is, should not withdraw the attention from the
primary issue in this case, i.e. the right to due process, to see a
lawer and a judge. 

Lüko Willms 
/ Lueko.Willms at T-Online.de 

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