[Marxism] Re: Forwarded from Marcus Strom

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Tue Dec 6 20:49:52 MST 2005


>The rest of it is pure fantasy. For socialists in Australia, the idea
>of the DSP working to build trust with other socialists is

For all his pompous sermonising about mass organisations, Marcus 
still lives in the micro-world of the inner-city left, for these are 
the "socialists" he's referring to here. This alleged distrust is 
virtually irrelevant or unknown to the vast majority of people (of an 
admittedly far too small number, to be sure), who relate to Socialist 
Alliance and/or Green Left.

Marcus, who I've known in various guises since 1987 when we were both 
science students at Sydney University, he an enthusiastic young 
Stalinist and me checking out the DSP, is a nice enough guy with some 
talent, but one searches in vain for anything remotely resembling a 
perspective for socialists in Australia today in his lecture (which 
is where is almost exactly the same as the useless whinger Greg 
Adler). Making debates public? Yeah, sure, that'll change everything. 
What a ridiculous shibboleth that is, masking any lack of actually 
useful ideas. The DSP has been totally honest with SA, including 
about SA's problems, as Andy Newman
very carefully explains 
http://www.socialistunitynetwork.co.uk/voices/cadre.htm , and now
wants to have a private discussion on its perspectives, just like my 
NTEU branch executive often does. Big deal.

Let us know when you achieve anything of any worth in the ALP Marcus, 
I won't be holding *my* breath. I'll keep on talking to local ALP 
union organisers and councillors about campaigns and inviting them 
onto platforms, however sectarian that apparently is.


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