[Marxism] Canadian NGO's and unions sell out Haiti

Greg Dunkel gdunkel at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 7 21:22:00 MST 2005

I will be brief, perhaps too brief.  I certainly will answer any 
questions raised  privately or on the list but I have to go to work 

I see two main explanations for Canada's interests and involvement in 
Haiti.  The political one, coming from a lot of the usual type of 
daemonization of Aristide that was mainly produced in French,  
neutralized  the support he might have expected from Francophone 
progressives, both in Quebec -- with its large Haitian communities in 
Montreal and Quebec City -- and in France itself.

The best short example I have of this daemonization campaign against 
Aristide -- in English -- come from the web site


which contains the following statement

" ...former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, whose populist and corrupt 
regime bears a great deal of responsibility for the worsening crisis and 
the current occupation of Haiti. Aristide and his bourgeois opposition 
were equally corrupt; ..."

Grassroots Haiti is the U.S, support group for Batay Ouvriè (Workers 
Struggle), an anarcho-syndicalist group which helped workers in northern 
Haiti organizae and fight in 2003 & 2004, while at the same time it 
called for the overthrow of Aristide's government, which was the same 
demand that the Macoutes and ex-Army thugs the U.S. was organizing had.  
Batay Ouvriè and its allies had the progressive credentials to get 
their  propaganda against Aristide believed.  (Haïti-Progrès, a 
newspaper which I contribute to from time-to-time, has had an expose of 
Batay Ouvriè in its November issues.)

I generally would not publicly comment about political struggles in the 
Haitian progressive movement but Batay Ouvriè and its allies have 
brought their charges into the international arena and made it more 
difficult to build solidarity with Haiti and its struggle against U.S., 
French and Canadian imperialism.

Canada also has its own imperialist interests in Haiti.  In "Canada in 
Haiti -- Waging War on the Poor Majority" Engler & Fenton point out 
"Canadian officials seemed to wholeheartedly endorse transforming Haiti 
into a land that is good for business -- our business." (p 98)  They go 
on to describe the interest of Canadian mining corporations in Haitian 
copper. (p 98). 

Canada has otherf interests in the Caribbean and Haiti and has spent, 
according to the book, about as much on the occupation of Haiti as the 
United States has.

I recommend the book;  it is available from



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