[Marxism] Re Max Sawicky, Marc Cooper and the late Tookie Williams

robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 13:48:50 MST 2005

>Two leftists associated with Pajamas Media have chimed in on Tookie
Williams's execution. They are Max Sawicky and Marc Cooper, who might be
described as "dumber and dumber."<

>From Marc Cooper today:
>Williams may be popular in certain middle-class salons, but I don't
think his person inspires much love in South Central. Heaven knows
that black Los Angeles has a long, historic list of just grievances
with the LAPD and the criminal justice system as a whole. But
Williams' progeny in the Crips and other murderous gangs have a much
bloodier record in L.A. and evoke little popular sympathy.  The single
biggest complaint against the cops in L.A.'s poorest neighborhoods is
that there aren't enough of them.<

Pretty vile stuff from Cooper-- L.A. poor want more cops!!-- to say
nothing of the "Heaven knows" huffery. I had never read a word he'd
written until today. My impression from references on this list has
been that Cooper is some sort of ABB left-liberal (as Louis dubs
them-- "two leftists") but he sounds pretty much heading in the
Hitchens direction. Which brings up that old question: Why is it that
we read these characters, again? Give me Workers Vanguard any day.

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