[Marxism] Crap about Sinn Fein

jmcanulty jmcanulty at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Dec 16 12:55:30 MST 2005

"A chara,

I'm not going to waste time trying to convert the unconvertible but I 
will try to answer some of your smears.

I was careful to state that Sinn Fein were committed to a socialist 
revolution in Ireland. This is true in terms of their constitution which 
states a commitment to a '32 County Democratic Socialist Republic' which 
can only be achieved through revolution (of course)."

The fact that DoC can keep up his shilling for Sinn Fein is a disgrace to the list . Sinn Fein is socialist as long as DoC is able to define what socialism is - its saying that you are a socialist.  By his criteria the Irish Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, is a socialist.  If we look at the methods of Sinn Fein we find that they were members of a reactionary secttarian administration that administered the British occupation of the North of Ireland.  Their policy today is to form another administration of the same character with the arch-bigot Paisley in command.  Their strategy in the South is to become junior partners to the reactionary Fainna Fail government. Throughout this process they have been in close alliance with some of the most reactionary forces of US imperialism.

DoC is at least willing to extend his apologia to include the Irish trade union bureaucracy with equal lack of accuracy. 

"From an organising perspective, I think that there is clearly a need to 
organise immigrants - which is what the TU are trying to do. But this is 
difficult work as many of those coming in have little experience of TU 

This is a vicious lie. Many migrant workers have a class consciousness that far outstrips the native workers.  They are constantly betrayed by a trade union bureaucracy that has for decades been locked in partnership with government and bosses and has been willing time and time again to collude in representing them and agreeing lower wages and conditions than those that apply to the native workforce.

It recently emerged that there was a new term in the Latvian language for the Irish 'Gombeen man' literally meaning 'interest man' and referring to the rural capitalists who sucked the blood from the peasant farmer.  The term was developed by Latvian migrants. There is no corresponding term in the vocabulary of Sinn Fein or of the Irish Trade Union bureaucracy.

John McAnulty


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