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The translationso of the December 10th Workers Summit.

David Walters


(El Alto, Bolivia -- December 10, 2005)

On the eve of the national and departmental elections in Bolivia
[scheduled for December 18 -- Translator's Note], we workers and
social movements met in the city of El Alto -- considered the
headquarters of revolution in the 21st century -- at the first
National Workers and Popular Summit. We hereby declare the following:

1. The workers' and social movements of Bolivia are now more than
ever convinced that the National and Departmental Elections were
organized to disarticulate the tenacious struggle of the exploited
and will resolve the problems that strangle the Bolivian people, nor
will they defend the sovereignty or dignity of the nation. Poverty,
hunger, and unemployment will continue.

2. We are consciouss that our recent struggles were characterized by
the fact that they put neo-liberalism´s back to the wall. But we were
unable to transform these struggles into the taking of power. Thus,
the workers' and social movements of Bolivia have the elementary
obligation to articulate and consolidate the National Originary
[Originaria] Popular Assembly as an organ of power. The Constituent
Assembly which the current government is preparing [for June 2006
--T.N.] only aims to protect the interests of the multinationals.

3. At this juncture, the workers and exploited of our country are
certain that none of the candidates who have a chance of winning
power through the elections will dare to reclaim our natural
resources; thus our only alternative is to end the truce [cuarto
intermedio] called during the events of last May-June to achieve the
following objectives:

- The nationalization of the hydrocarbons [oil and gas], without
compensation, and the reclaiming for the public sector of all the
natural resources.

- The deepening and concretization of the Political Instrument of the
Workers, approved at the National Plenary of the Bolivian Workers
Confederation (COB).

- The complete cancellation of Supreme Court Decision 21060

-- The implementation of the minimum wage with a sliding wage-scale
and the guarantee of labor stability. We will not let any of the
governments cancel the labor tribunals [fuero sindical].

- The recuperation of all the public social services.

- The intransigent defense of the unity of the nation, and the
struggle against the divisive maneuvers of the oligarchy of Santa
Cruz and Tarija, under the pretext of autonomy.

- The immediate extradition of the killer Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada
and his jailing, together with his cronies in Chonchocoro.

4. The exploited and social movements are conscious that to achieve
our immediate results, which requires the creation of a workers' and
popular government, we can only rely on the direct action of the
masses and our own instruments of struggle. This is why we have the
elementary obligation to strengthen the COB, CODes, CORes, local
unions, and popular organizations that identify with the struggle of
the Bolivian people.

5. We Bolivian workers declare ourselves on alert in the face of an
attempted foreign military intervention.

6. The exploited and social movements of our country call on all the
exploited people throughout the country to organize Regional Popular
Assemblies in March 2006. The representatives of these Assemblies are
summoned to elect their delegates to the National Originary Popular
Assembly, which will meet on April 10th, 2006, in the city of El Alto.


Central Obrera Regional - El Alto (COR-El Alto)
Central Obrera Boliviana (COB)
Federación Sindical de Trabajadores Mineros de Bolivia (FSTMB)

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