[Marxism] The discussion around Bolivia

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 25 18:59:30 MST 2005

RR writes: "The miners were indigenous people.  Everything I have
written on Bolivia points to the compression of ethnicity inside class

"I don't take any exception to harsh language, but implication of racism
I take real exception to.  Cheap and tawdry, comrade.  You do yourself a
dies-service in stooping that low."

RR, I'm not saying you're a racist. I'm saying that politically you
*liquidate* the national question into the class question. The
"compression of ethnicity *inside* class" as you say. 

That you have no wish to maintain the subjugation of oppressed peoples,
I have no doubt, my friend. Be calm, and of good cheer. This exchange is
getting too heated for the both of us. Let's let it go for a few days,
see what the New Year brings. 


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