[Marxism] re: "Science" and "Non-Science", etc

T.Hartin t.hartin at qmul.ac.uk
Tue Dec 27 09:39:23 MST 2005

One measure of class struggle (among many possible) is the number of days 
lost to strikes in a given time period. That is not a subjective measure. 
Of course that number has to be interpreted - and subjectivity plays a 
role. But the point in any field of study is to reduce the subjective element
and provide objective measures which can be tested against reality. To me 
that describes a scientific approach to Marxism.

I found the Astronomy/Atrology comparison a bit ahistorical. In ancient 
societies the two were one and the same thing - and in my opinion one of 
the pinicles of human achievement in that it was the basis of modern 
astronomy. You can't really separate the two in historical development and 
say one was irrational and the other not. Of course modern astrology is a 
steaming pile of.... and noone here is arguing that it bears comparison 
with science

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