[Marxism] re: "Science" and "Non-Science", etc

Michael Hoover hooverm at scc-fl.edu
Thu Dec 29 11:22:29 MST 2005

>>> schaffer at optonline.net 12/27/05 11:57 AM >>>
Tony Hartin wrote:
> I found the Astronomy/Atrology comparison a bit ahistorical. In 
> ancient  societies the two were one and the same thing 

i've written on this before here. Pannekoek (History of Astronomy) makes the argument that early astrology basiclaly is responsible for a total gearing up of the observational end of the astronomical sciences.
les schaffer

i recall reading years ago that some so-called 'revisionist' 
sociologists of science (following feyerabend, i guess), 
in rejecting distinctions between science and non-science
as artificial and temporary, made claims that history and 
contemporary practice of both astronomy and astrology 
ought to be studied with equal respect and trust...  
michael hoover 

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