[Marxism] Perú:a question and a rash proposition

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Sat Dec 31 09:34:42 MST 2005

I have heard of a different story vis-a-vis the mines. First, SL claimed
considerable support among miners in Tacna and other areas. While I followed SL
claims, I never heard of any 'actions' that would back this up. At some point
the 80s, I received a story from the region from a group of former Trotskyist
miners, where, in the late 1970s, during the years of Hugo Blanco's accendency
via the FOCEP, they had a quite a strong base.

The story was that there had been an "armed action" by the Maoists at the
largest copper mine in the region but that an armed miners militia fought them
off...apparently on more than one occassion. Just speculating on Nestor's
rumor, it could be that this was the origin of the rumor that the mining
companies raised money for them. I still tend to think that, despite all the
rather horrible things the SL is claimed to have done, that they would not of
accepted money unless it was a 'pay off' of some sort,extortion, 'revolutionary
taxes', or something similiar.


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