[Marxism] Melvin Dubofsky: holocaust denier

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Thu Feb 3 18:14:47 MST 2005

Lou wrote;

>  >Actually, you're taking the same position as the rulers who always
>>claimed that the expansion of the frontier and slavery benefited whites,
>>and appealed to race solidarity against Indians and blacks.
>>The fact was that slavery and Indian removal were in the interests of
>>the land speculators and slaveocracy.  As such, the polarization was a
>>real imposition on the white working class as well, and enough of them
>>realized it by the 1850s to begin making a real issue of it.
>>But what do I know?
>I doubt that one can make the case that Boston textile workers, for 
>example, benefited from the removal of Lakota into reservations in 
>the 1870s. However, by the same token, it is necessary to 
>acknowledge that Massachusetts farmers benefited from the mass 
>slaughter of Indians during King Philip's War of the 17th century.

A struggle over land is unlike competition for jobs, as the former 
takes on the quality of a zero-sum game far more easily than the 
latter does, and yet we may step back and ask, "Who put landless 
whites and Indians on a collision course?"  Howard Zinn put it this 
way: "[T]he colonial officialdom had found a way of alleviating the 
danger: by monopolizing the good land on the eastern seaboard, they 
forced landless whites to move westward to the frontier, there to 
encounter the Indians and to be a buffer for the seaboard rich 
against Indian troubles, while becoming more dependent on the 
government for protection.  Bacon's Rebellion was instructive: to 
conciliate a diminishing Indian population at the expense of 
infuriating a coalition of white frontiersmen was very risky.  Better 
to make war on the Indians, gain the support of the white, divert 
possible class conflict by turning poor whites against Indians for 
the security of the elite" (_A People's History of the United 
States_, p. 54).

Cf. "Lastly my most assured friends I would have preserved those 
Indians that I knew were howerly att our mercy, to have beene our 
spyes and intelligence, to finde out our bloody enimies, but as soone 
as I had the least intelligence that they alsoe were trecherous 
enimies, I gave out Commissions to distrOy them all as the 
Commissions themselves will speake itt" (Gov. William Berkeley, "On 
Bacon's Rebellion," 
May 19, 1676).

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