[Marxism] Re: Interview with Marxist Internet Archive steering committee

Richard Fidler rfidler at cyberus.ca
Fri Feb 4 07:09:00 MST 2005

Accurate proof-reading does not require any special skills other than 
the ability to compare the original text with the scanned copy.

We’re not talking industrial quantity scanning here. When a volunteer 
scans a book or pamphlet, he or she is probably scanning one or two 
pages at each pass of the Optical character reader.

When the scanning process is completed, simply go through it word by 
word, sentence by sentence, making sure that nothing was missed and that 
the wrong characters have not been substituted by the OCR application. 
Then, give the whole document a final read through to catch anything you 
missed. Since most of these documents are quite interesting, it’s 
actually a pleasant experience; you will note things you never saw or 
thought about the first time you read the document!

My impression is that many of the documents on the MIA site were 
submitted and published on the site without any attempt to proof-read 
them after scanning. I really have trouble understanding why this is so.


David Walters wrote:

>I agree, too, with all the comments made so far. *As it happens* we're
having an important internal discussion on this very topic. Largely it
is a function of the volunteer nature of the MIA. But, it's also true
that we haven't had internal standards for proofing. We're developing
this now and trying to figure out ways to systematize it. We have
extensive standards for cascading style sheets, XHTML, directory
structure and file naming conventions (all of which is available on
line, BTW)...but nothing for proofing...yet.

David Walters<

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