[Marxism] Political firing at U. of Colorado (but not Ward Churchill)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Feb 4 14:40:05 MST 2005

>how bout one of your patented Lexus-Nexus searches,  to see to what extent 
>Coors and Lockheed Martin are tied into the Colorado U system.

The late Joe Coors was on the U. of Colorado Board of Regents back in 1966, 
but there are no obvious ties between the Coors family and the university 
today. But if you dig a little bit, you'll see how the tentacles stretch 
out and touch the university and other universities indirectly. To start 
with, the Coors Foundation spawned something called the Castle Rock 
Foundation in 1993 with a 36 million dollar endowment. In order to deflect 
consumer boycotts, especially from gays, the Coors decided to detach their 
name from their ongoing rightwing activities. However, Castle Rock is one 
of the major rightwing foundations in the USA, along with the Olin 
Foundation, which was funded by an arms manufacturer. Over the years Castle 
Rock has lavished $250,000 on David Horowitz's Center for the Study of 
Popular Culture (a misnomer if there ever was, it should be called the 
Center for the Development of American Fascism.) People like Horowitz and 
Daniel Pipes are really driving this new McCarthyism.



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