[Marxism] " It's a cookbook! "

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Sun Feb 6 10:03:51 MST 2005

I think I read it in a science-fiction anthology, probably written before Twilight Zone (which I believe drew on science fiction writing often).
And I believe it was on The Simpsons.

-- Dbachmozart at aol.com wrote:
Mike Friedman writes -
I heard that joke told as follows: One day, a vast fleet of  
extraterrestrials come to earth. After landing, they give a book in  
their arcane language to the humans' leaders, who order it 
translated.  After a day or so, the humans are able to translate the 
title, "On Serving  Humans," and so the earthlings are not alarmed 
when the e.t.'s begin  shipping them off planet, always courteously 
and with a smile. After about a  week, with millions of humans now 
taken off-planet, the greatly alarmed  translators contact the world 
leaders: "Sir," they cry, "this is a  cookbook!"
   It wasn't a joke - it was perhaps the best known  episode of Rod Serling's 
classic CBS series The Twilight Zone, entitled To Serve  Man. If only those 
E.T.s would come here today - I'd encourage them to feast on  neocon 
appetizers, neolib stew, and a dessert of ABBers.
                                                      Dennis Kobray
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