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GI Special:
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Traveling Soldier Needs Some Help
[Traveling Soldier is GI Specials sister publication, mailed out to
places email can't reach, or isn't safe, like bases in various parts of
the world, including Iraq.  And unlike stuff on the web, you can hold it
in your hand, refer back to it, and pass it on to a brother or sister in
the service.  For organizing inside the armed forces, it's far more
important in that way than GI Special can ever be.  T]
Dear Traveling Soldier readers,
In our year and a half history, Traveling Soldier has never asked its
readers for money. But now we have to.
The computer that had all of Traveling Soldier's files - pictures, old
issues, and most importantly our mailing list - crashed.  We have to pay
a repair man to fix it, and if it cannot be fixed, we have to buy a Zip
drive, salvage the information, and buy a brand new computer.
All of this costs money.  And nobody who works on Traveling Soldier has
got more than working class jobs to cover expenses.  
Please send whatever you can spare to our address: Traveling Soldier,
c/o Thomas Barton, 2565 Broadway, #281, New York, New York 10025.  
Checks should be made out to Pham Binh, who leads the production staff.

Pound, Euro, Dollar, Yen, Real, Peso etc. paper money or gold also
cheerfully accepted.  No pre-occupation dinar notes, please!  We already
got wallpaper.
A report on what came in and from where, and how the money was spent,
with receipts, will be published in GI Special, without names listed to
protect your privacy. 
 <http://www.traveling-soldier.org/> http://www.traveling-soldier.org/
What Good Does Traveling Soldier Do?
Why Give A Damn Dime?
From: (XXXX)
To: GI Special
Sent: Friday, February 04, 2005 6:03 PM
Thank you for sending the issues of Traveling Soldier to me, I have
forwarded them on to my husband stationed at (XXXX) Base Iraq.
I'm sure they will be a hit with the soldiers and screw the brass!
Thanks again!
>From the current issue, Traveling Soldier:
Words From The Front Lines
http://www.traveling-soldier.org/1.05.words.php   See the article for
source of quotes.
 "The reality right now is that the most dangerous opinion in the world
is the opinion of a U.S. serviceman." - Lance Corporal Devin Kelly, 1st
Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, Iskandariyah, Iraq.
 "We're basically proving out that the government is wrong.  We're
catching them in a lie." - Lance Corporal Alexander Jones, 1st
Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, Iskandariyah, Iraq.
 "We don't give a crap.  What are they going to do, send us to Iraq?" -
Corporal Brandon Autin, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment,
Iskandariyah, Iraq, commenting on the possibility that he might be
punished for telling reporters how he felt about the war.
 "If we did half the shit back home we've done here, we'd be in prison .
Where the fuck did Jesus say it's OK to kill people for your government?
Any priest who tells me that has got no credibility." - Anonymous Marine
Sergeant, after a conversation with his chaplain, Baquba, Iraq.
 "What does the American public think happens when they tell us to
assault a city? Marines don't shoot rainbows out of our asses.  We
fucking kill people." - Anonymous Marine, commenting on the shooting of
a wounded man in a Fallujah mosque.
 "When I went [to Iraq] to begin with, there was a mission. .I don't
trust the people sending me over there. I have to stay focused, give it
100 percent.  I just don't agree with it.  The war cannot be won.  It
won't be won, not now, not ever.  We're getting maimed for bullshit." -
Army Sgt. Fred Bemis
 "Given the choice, I would never have wanted to fire a gun.  But it
didn't work out that way.  I'd like a thousand boring missions rather
than one interesting one." - Corporal Chris Merrell, Fallujah, Iraq.
 "We think Bush is an asshole for starting a war over nothing, trying to
get money and oil. That's what Paul thought. I think they should just
get the boys out of there now.  If not we're going to lose a lot more
than this." - Craig Lowe, commenting on the death of his friend.  Both
served in the Scottish Black Watch regiment.
 "If Tony Blair is so keen to be here, he should send his son over.  To
be honest I can't understand what it is we are supposed to be doing
here.  Iraqis don't want to kill each other, they only want to kill us."
- Trooper Tim Clews, Queen's Dragoon Guards, Camp Dogwood, Iraq.
 "Every day you read articles in the states when it's like 'Oh, it's
getting better and better.'  But when you're here, you know it's worse
every day." - Lance Corporal Jonathan Snyder, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine
Regiment, Iskandariyah, Iraq.
 "How do I put this?  First of all, this is a whole different thing.
We're supposed to be looking for al Qaeda.  They're the ones who are
supposedly responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks.  This has no connection
at all to Sept. 11 because this war started just by telling us about all
the nuclear warheads over here." - Lance Corporal Carlos Perez, 1st
Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, Iskandariyah, Iraq.
 "This is Vietnam.  I don't even know why we're over here fighting.
We're fighting for survival.  The Iraqis don't want us here.  If they
wanted us here, they'd help us.  They're certainly not helping us in
this city." - Corporal Daniel Planalp, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines,
Ramadi, Iraq.
 "The funny thing that we laugh at sometimes is that the terrorists and
us want the same thing.  We don't want to be here and they don't want us
here." - Lance Corporal Jamie Sutton, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines,
Ramadi, Iraq.
 "The only question for us is how many of us have gotta die before we
get to go home." - Anonymous GI, 4th Infantry Division, Baquba, Iraq. 
Telling the truth - about the occupation or the criminals running the
government in Washington - is the first reason for Traveling Soldier.
But we want to do more than tell the truth; we want to report on the
resistance - whether it's in the streets of Baghdad, New York, or inside
the armed forces.  Our goal is for Traveling Soldier to become the
thread that ties working-class people inside the armed services
together.  We want this newsletter to be a weapon to help you organize
resistance within the armed forces.  If you like what you've read, we
hope that you'll join with us in building a network of active duty
organizers.   <http://www.traveling-soldier.org/>
http://www.traveling-soldier.org/  And join with Iraq War vets in the
call to end the occupation and bring our troops home now! (
<http://www.ivaw.net> www.ivaw.net)

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