[Marxism] Fidel: People can change the world without nuclear weapons or blood spilling

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Sounds like must reading.

People Can Change the World without Violence and War: Fidel

Havana, Feb 5 (Prensa Latina) People can change the world without
nuclear weapons, bombs, genocide or blood spilling, simply by wiping out
the ignorance affecting near 860 million humans, Cuban President Fidel
Castro told over 5,000 educators.

The head of state addressed for four hours the closing session of
Pedagogia-2005 and 1st World Literacy Congress that gathered government
ministers and teachers from numerous countries.

The leader of the Cuban Revolution said policies will play a key role in
such undertaking and highlighted that Venezuela succeeded in teaching
more than one million people to read and write that in barely 18 month.

"We have heard of malnutrition, infant mortality, disease and
illiterates for over five decades and today we still speak of the same,
only the situation has grown worse," the Cuban President recalled.

He called time "a prime factor" in reaching the 2015 deadlock with
partial achievements in world education. The experience in Venezuela and
other countries proved efficient Cuba's "Yo Si Puedo" Program that takes
minimum resources to educate millions of illiterates.

He also commented that Illiteracy spreads through out the Third World
and questioned the true interests behind the world hegemony that
dictates the path for educating those peoples.

"Where will their domestic service come from?" and stressed: "These
times are as cruel as the Dark Ages." "We are throwing the peoples into
bonfires for political or ideological reasons".

The recent Cuba-Venezuela agreement under the Bolivarian Alternative for
the Americas (ALBA), stipulates education and health care cooperation
with third countries as a road towards true integration and the solution
to seriously clenched regional problems.

Fidel Castro also lauded the educational missions underway at the South
American country where thousands of formerly excluded young people will
be trained to become family doctors.

"If everyone follows in the footsteps of Venezuela we will not have to
wait until 2015", stressed the prominent politician and reaffirmed
Cuba's will to contribute know how and staff to the urgent need to
eradicate illiteracy."

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