[Marxism] Chess connections

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 7 14:23:08 MST 2005

Today I was somewhat mystified to find that a number of visits to my blog 
came from a website associated with the Boylston Chess Foundation. What the 
hell was the connection between Marxism and chess? (I am an avid player 
myself and beat my nemesis John E. 5 out of 6 games yesterday. John is a 
diehard neo-conservative who like to rattle our other chess partner Jeffrey 
by starting arguments about Iraq, etc. Jeffrey is a long-time Nation 
Magazine subscriber who believes in humanitarian interventions. So you have 
the entire political spectrum locked in battle nearly every Sunday over the 
chess board.)

I finally discovered what the connection was. The Boylston Chess Foundation 
has a blog for its members and one of them posted this yesterday:

 >>A chess analogy I really like:

"Although I am afraid that pointing out your errors in your latest 
[article] ... would be an exercise in futility comparable to recommending 
chess openings to a chimpanzee, I will do so anyhow."

Read "On Michael Ignatieff's latest NY Times Magazine article" at 
Unrepentant Marxist. (which links to my blog piece on Ignatieff)<<



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