[Marxism] RE: Is this an accuratequote of Heidegger?

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Tue Feb 8 07:19:15 MST 2005

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>  I know that the
> Husserl-Heidegger-Sartre line of development, and there is such a line
> (Sartre ceased to be a Heideggerian but he never completely repudiated
> Heidegger) has had an influence on identity politics and other
> intellectual trends, including on the left.

I am fully on agreement, and are surprised that Steve Heeren knows of no 
left-Heideggerians. The Situationists, a lot of the Lat Am Natlib movements 
and even the Zapatistas have a direct line to Heidegger.

And that strage weed, the left-wing postmodernist, more common in France and 
LatAm than in the USA, are also pretty Heideggerian.

Myself, I am a reader of Heidegger, from my existentialist period (didn't we 
all have one?). And while I will agree he has nothing to do with marxist 
revolutionism, it has indeed influenced the left much more than the right.


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