[Marxism] Narcotics stats

steve heeren tzsche at shaw.ca
Tue Feb 8 12:35:56 MST 2005

i tend to agree with carrol. exercise as some kind of panacea is far too 
simplistic, not to mention the problem of the _self-fulfilling prophecy_ 
involved here, since we are all told ad nauseam about all its benefits. 
very american -- keep busy and DON'T think about things. However, one 
american, mark twain, had it right: "any mummery will cure."

steve heeren

p.s. i play very competitive and vigorous badminton twice a week, but 
what i like about it is the special thrill i get in demolishing my 
opponent - the exercise component is peripheral. ;-)

The weight of this sad time we must obey.
Speak what you feel, not what you ought to say.
                        Shakespeare (King Lear)

Carrol Cox wrote:

>The link between depression & exercise is a bit more complex. Exercise
>relieves my depression _while I am actually exercising_. One spring when
>I was fairly deep in depression (and unable to read) I read the whole of
>Smith's _Wealth of Nations_ while peddling an exercycle! I would feel
>fine with a brain able to concentrate as long as I was peddling, but
>within seconds of the end of the exercise I would be down again with a
>brain that felt like it had been doused with Karo syrp.
>On the other hand, for some people, regular exercise is all they need to
>keep their depression under control. And I also know a few for whom
>exercise does _nothing_ whatever -- except make them tired and more
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