[Marxism] Re: XXXXX Bashfest 2005

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Feb 9 08:15:55 MST 2005

Brian Shannon wrote:

> I often write to Jurriaan and others on the list when I have a 
> personal disagreement or more often when I want some clarification 
> that is off topic. I wish others would do the same. 

exactly!!! keep the on-list stuff aimed for the 700 subscribers 
world-wide that we have, keep the inter-personal stuff off-list.

let's say three people on this list are disturbed by XXXXX enough that 
they want to call him out personally. thats 0.4% of the list base being 
vocal, 99.6% of the list is reading w/o reacting, or they are silently 
deleting, or whatever. of course, he large majority of this subscription 
base reads without posting (i think i will collect some stats on this), 
but its still important to keep in mind that posted stuff really IS 
directed at all 700 comrades, not just the 1 you are debating.

this may be a bit touchy feely for some of you hardened radicals, but 
why not try an intermediate step first before attacking personally 
onlist, like: "dear list, XXXX says YYYY and i find this personally 
infuriating. is anyone else having this reaction to what XXXX says and 
think its important to clear the matter up onlist? love and kisses, ZZZZ". 

if you get 0 response to such a feeler, take your attack offlist.

also, we do have a moderator here, one Lou Proyect. if you feel someone 
is really abusing the list, write him offlist about it. when he sees the 
pulse of the list is leaning towards problems with a poster, he can take 
action based on this **collective** response.

i will make this my last 2 bits of output on the Bashfest subject (since 
i am working on analog-to-digital convertors today).

les schaffer

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