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LS> exactly!!! keep the on-list stuff aimed for the 700 subscribers
LS> world-wide that we have, keep the inter-personal stuff off-list.

   My issue is the breaking of the discussion threads by creating a  
new thread with every message instead of replying to one of the  
messages in the thread.

   This makes reading Marxmail a PITA.

   Jurriaan Bendien is not the only one doing this, but the one among  
those who post the highest number of messages.

   I have approached him privately, but got the answer

"I have switched the mailstream off from the subscribers list,"
"Otherwise I get logjammed with an enormous amount of mails"

   and this is for me a very arrogant attitude towards all other  

   I urgently call on all those frequent posters to subscribe to the  
individual mail format and to use the REPLY function of their mail  

   Use a filter to move the mail from this list to a folder by itself.

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