Wiki!!! (was Re: [Marxism] Poli-Films and Reviews?

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Tue Feb 15 16:32:32 MST 2005

Carlos A. Rivera wrote:

> In a nutshell, how wiki works is by providing user-editable pages with 
> information. Yes, ANY user can edit the info in a page. While this 
> does carry risk, such as spaming and incorrect information, Wiki has 
> matured to the point there are very effective ways to deal with such 
> problems. 

i would want to assure Lou on this point.

> To set it up, as we need is a CGI bin, a couple of page templates, and 
> the setup of administration functions. And of course, a couple of 
> geographically diverse wiki admins so that the pages can be monitored 
> 24/7 for any problems. The admin and user interface is all web, and it 
> runs using a CGI, no further software, programing, or server 
> requirements are needed.

i would prefer a Wiki written in Python, i think they exist, and its my 
scripting language of choice.

> For things such as a lefty movie website, Wiki is extremely useful, 
> for example, it allows a user to simply put the movie title, then 
> another to simply put cast info, another to correct that info, another 
> to review it, etc etc etc.

suppose i wanted to create a database of films, comments, links, and 
production dates and locations. does Wiki allow interface to DB 
out-of-the-box? does it come with a DB plugin? etc.

> It all happens rather slowly at first, but it distributes work more 
> effectively, giving you and Lou more time to concnetrate on both 
> running this list, and other projects that are not suited for Wiki. 

thanks for your help on this. i usually do all this research myself, but 
have come to a point where i need to ask for help if this stuff is to 
get done in a timely fashion.

les schaffer

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