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Tue Feb 15 19:00:19 MST 2005

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> i would want to assure Lou on this point.

There ar eplenty of long running, well done, stable and useful wikis that 
are good examples. Usually the administrators of those are open, sometimes 
even eager, to share their experiences in an honest manner.

I would try to contact some of the admins at the WikiPedia.

> i would prefer a Wiki written in Python, i think they exist, and its my 
> scripting language of choice.

There are plenty of those, the link below there is a comprehensive list.

This link is also the best starter guide for would-be Wiki admins, as it is 
oriented towards giving the sort of overlook you seem to seek.

> suppose i wanted to create a database of films, comments, links, and 
> production dates and locations. does Wiki allow interface to DB 
> out-of-the-box? does it come with a DB plugin? etc.

Depends on implementation, but most Wikis are indeed DB driven out of the 
box, an require databases to work. Some are very much like CMS like PHP-Nuke 

Think of Wiki as a pre-set methodology for deploying multi-user, 
multi-collaborator CMS. Beyond that, you will see Wikis that run on Ruby but 
use PHP,  XML-based Wikis written in ASP etc.

There is even a minimalist Wiki written in Python that has 11 lines of 

So there is a Wiki for every need and every niche. Choose whatever suits you 

> thanks for your help on this. i usually do all this research myself, but 
> have come to a point where i need to ask for help if this stuff is to get 
> done in a timely fashion.

Sure man.


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