Wiki!!! (was Re: [Marxism] Poli-Films and Reviews?

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Tue Feb 15 23:57:30 MST 2005

Carlos A. Rivera wrote:

> There are plenty of those, the link below there is a comprehensive list.

i will look at MoinMoin  (Python) and TWiki, the latter is used by my 
programming guru for 500 people.

> Depends on implementation, but most Wikis are indeed DB driven out of 
> the box, an require databases to work. Some are very much like CMS 
> like PHP-Nuke etc.

have you or  anyone seen a good example of a wiki wired to a database, 
or tied to a data store of some kind (e.g., a film list). i'd like to 
look and get some ideas.

les schaffer

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