[Marxism] What the hell happened in Fallujah?

benpincas benpincas at yahoo.fr
Wed Jan 5 22:02:55 MST 2005

This is the link to the original story.


May I suggest to comrades that they sign up to the IRIN e-mail service ?

Firstly they cover the whole world - i.e. including areas which aren't 
in the media focus.

Also their web-site is not very fast (over-loaded?)


M. Junaid Alam wrote:
> A few days ago I posted this article here:
> http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/IRIN/121b671d950efc3ac031b54b55118d85.htm 
> It appears this is the only article in the whole world on the subject, 
> according to Google, which is more than a bit suspicious given that it 
> asserts 500 dead women and children were found.
> Firstly, you can't even find this specific article online anywhere other 
> than at the above link. The site which is listed as the source for the 
> article, some UN subsidiary, does not even contain the article. Not 
> clear from the context of the link whether it was provided by the 
> Reuters news service program in general or what, but it is not from 
> Reuters itself. But if you do a Google search for Fallujah casualties in 
> general, all you come up with is stuff on Fallujah I - what happened in 
> April.

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