[Marxism] Deaths Under Stalin- Are We Forgetting Deaths In Collectivization, Lives Shortened by Gulag?

Alex Briscoe obeynow20001 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 30 12:50:54 MST 2005

I haven't followed this thread for a few days, so I may have missed someone bringing this up, but, what about the 8 million dead in the Ukraine under collectivization?
I know that the Left Opp. called for the industrialization of the Soviet Union, but in a less brutal manner that was aimed at preserving the alliance of workers and peasants.
Also, the imperialists were looking to and did invade the Soviet Union which was one of the crucial reasons for the industrialization drive.
So, crudely, not knowing much beyond this, I split the difference:  4 million dead at the hands of imperialism, 4 million at the hands of the Stalinists.  Which would make for 5.5 million dead, from Lacny's estimates, right?  (I don't have his figures in front of me).  Yes, I realize that doing it in this way is cockamamie, but it's the best estimate I can make not having other facts in front of me.
Finally, I don't think that Lacny's figures include those who went to the gulag and then died shortly afterward or had their lives shortened.
Alex Briscoe


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