[Marxism] My Final Rebuttal to Carlos Rivera

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Tue Mar 1 06:14:55 MST 2005

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>  Send her a copy of the script, and if it's any good, she'll bring it up 
> to her contacts at the Adam & Eve company that produce her videos.

How are you so sure?

> Of course, if you're bluffing, you'll be exposed, and anything you ever 
> write here will be regarded with suspicion, even when it appears to make 
> sense.

This is the left, everything anybody says is regarded with suspicion, even 
when it appear to make sense. I think I know this since I was like 5 years 

And I am not bluffing. Am a lesser known writer and performance art producer 
in Puerto Rico. (Although its all in Spanish). One of the performances I 
produced included several televisions showing a gay hardcore locker room 
fetish gangbang movie. I wasn't the director or writer, but her idea was to 
both shock bourgeoise feminists, and jab at post-feminism's objective denial 
of patriarchy. And also poke fun at all the LatAm theater cliches, like 
umbrellas, fire, suitcases, and shoes. And I also acted in the performance.

If you read spanish, there is a small, somewhat dated, archive of my stuff, 
mostly poetry.


> According to the writer, Mark Weiss, the film was originally supposed to 
> be an XXX-rated Norma Rae, but it went much further than just forming a 
> union.
> The creative freedom to do that exists in porn, not in the mainstream film 
> industry.  Pardon me for being cynical, but I'm not holding my breath 
> waiting for you, Carlos, to lobby Susan Sarandon to make a big-budget 
> pro-socialist film.

Actually, there are bazillions of pro-socialist Hollywood films.

There is even one by Keanu Reeves, "Johnny Mnemonic", based on the short 
story by William Gibson. It features Henry Rollins as a resistance doctor 
and Ice T as a latter day Che Guevara. The movie is not that great, but not 
bad either.

BTW, did Nina Hartley sign any of the anti-war petitions? UP&J? ANSWER? 
NION? I mean, Susan Sarandon was a big wig in pushing NION up to the front, 
and her career has suffered as a result.

Or Martin Sheen who has gotten arrested several times, and done some jail, 
for opposing the school of the Americas. And on and on...

Has Nina done anything like that? I am honest, I have no idea either way.

> Silly me.  I never knew that when I tell people I am happily married, I am 
> being selfish because I am not considering those people whose marriages 
> are miserable.  Do you understand the difference between the statements "I 
> am happily married" and "marriage is a happy institution"?

Yes, and Nina's whole work is trying to say that porn is a happy institution 
tainted by a few bad apples, such as unsafe sex producers and Traci Lords. 
You continue to deny this, but the record is there.

I believe that under capitalism, everything is unhappy. That is why I am a 
communist and not a liberal.


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