[Marxism] US "torture jet" flies from United Kingdom

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Tue Mar 1 07:08:03 MST 2005

US 'torture jet' flies from UK
By Andrew Gilligan, Evening Standard
1 March 2005

An aircraft used by the CIA to illegally abduct terrorist suspects has 
frequently operated from two British RAF bases. The Gulfstream jet has 
flown from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire at least twice and RAF 
Northolt at least six times since October 2002, according to Chris 
Yates, aviation security editor for the authoritative Jane's 
Information Group.

Mr Yates and opposition MPs say there is "no way" that the purpose of 
the flights could have been unknown to the British authorities. "There 
is absolutely no doubt about the accuracy of the data," said Mr Yates. 
"What it tells me is that the UK government is probably complicit in 
what was going on in terms of the disappearance of people."

The movements of the Gulfstream have been tracked for a Channel 4 
documentary on "extraordinary rendition", where US snatch squads seize 
alleged terrorists and fly them to countries where they are tortured 
for information.

Human rights activists say this is a way round the bans on torture in 
place in the West, and is illegal under international law. The Ministry 
of Defence was unable to say what the jet was doing at the two RAF 

Andrew Gilligan's documentary, Torture: The Dirty Business, is on 
Channel 4 tonight at 11pm


from Brian Shannon

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