[Marxism] Re: Fourth Internationalist (was porn stuff)

Anthony J. Kennerson anthonyk_6319 at charter.net
Tue Mar 1 09:51:27 MST 2005

Responding briefly to the recent comments about a possible Che/Tania X-rated
movie being insulting to Latin American activists:

I'm not so sure of that...actually, showing a more human side of Che, as
well as revealing his relationship and love for Tania (as well as their
political writings) wouldn't be so bad, in my view.  It may even bring
positive attention to the genuinely revolutionary beliefs and appeal to
especially young people who otherwise wouldn't be open to socialist beliefs.

After so much deifying Che as an revolutionary icon, it would be actually
refreshing to see him portrayed for hius human side.  And it's not as if any
R- or X-rated film worthy of respect for Che and Tania and their legacy will
be reduced to the inanities of modern porn...that wasn't my or Nina's
intention at all.

Incidentally...to be fair and accurate:  here's the relevant quote in the
SHMATE interview where Nina talks up the idea of doing a tribute to Che and
Tania.  Alexander Cockburn borrowed the passage and published it in his May
15, 19989 "Beat the Devil" column in The Nation magazine.


Sheldon Ranz:  As a socialist porn star, have you ever thought about making
progressive X-rated films....ones that would imbue certain left-wing ideas
with sex appeal?

Nina Hartley:   I'd love to. The most romantic story of all is Che and
Tanya. I often think, "Golly! I'd like to make a movie about them."

SR:  Tanya was Jewish, by the way.

NH: I didn't know that. Well, that makes sense!


For the record -- and to correct Sheldon Ranz, whom has made it into this
list, I noticed -- I do have the entire interview digitally archived, but
only at my groups.  I am in the process of transferring the interview text
(sans annotations that I originally added when I first posted it) to mt Red
Garter Club website (http://redgarterclub.bravehost.com) and my RGC
forum...once they are available, I will post the link if you are interested.


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