[Marxism] FBI violates rights of antiwar, socialist activist

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Mar 1 13:54:03 MST 2005

FBI Harassment    Charles Post  
  Feb 27, 2005 16:10 PST   


Friends and Comrades,

On Friday, February 27, 2005, two FBI agents came to my home in
Brooklyn. I was at work and they began to question my partner about
Solidarity, the socialist organization I belong to, and its possible
connection to a young man who was arrested for allegedly vandalizing a
military recruitment center in the Bronx, NY. The FBI agents indicated
that they had obtained our address from the Solidarity website, where I
am listed as the NY contact person. They asked my partner numerous
questions, including whether or not we knew the young men who had been
arrested, how long she (who is not a member) and I have been members of
Solidarity and whether Solidarity had a "web forum." 

This may or may not be the beginning of FBI harassment of US citizens
who are active in the movement against the occupation of Iraq. It is
certainly part of a pattern of harassment and repression, mostly
targeting people from the Muslim and Arab communities and immigrants.
Whether it is the beginning of more generalized harassment, we feel it
is important that socialists, radicals and anti-war and global justice
activists generally understand their rights when approached by the FBI.

Unless they have a warrant or subpoena, you are under no obligation to
answer any questions nor permit agents in your home. We STRONGLY
RECOMMEND that you do not answer any questions from the FBI. They may--
as they did when they questioned my partner-- assure you that they are
"not out to get you." However, anything you tell them can be used
against you or other activists in the future. Silence-- which is your
right-- is your best policy. If the FBI comes with a warrant or
subpoena, we strongly recommend you contact a lawyer immediately. We
will be consulting with civil rights/civil liberties attorneys in the
near future for more details.

Charles Post
charle- at nyc.rr.com
281 Adelphi Street, Apt. 2
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Home: (718) 858-3458
Cell: (646) 206-9236

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