[Marxism] tech note for verizon subscribers

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Wed Mar 2 11:29:27 MST 2005

The same problem has plagued AOL, Earthlink and other major ISPs. Right now, 
anti-spam blocking is a huge part of the marketing efforts in all major 
ISPs, and this is causing management to put un due pressure into IS 
departments, who are deploying anti-spam configurations that block a lot of 
useful email.

With AOL, there is also another theory.

450 SMTP errors from AOL are so common, anti-AOL people are bouncing AOL 
emails with a customized 4XX error that says something like "Due to AOL lack 
of nettiquette, this domain refuses all email from AOL. Please use another 
service for your email."

Since the bulk of internet users in the USA use AOL, many of us suspect that 
AOL is using its near monopoly power to conciously make it harder to connect 
to people in other domains, under the cover of "anti-spam" measures.

Hence, not communicating with AOL is a form of virtual strike.


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From: "Louis Proyect" <lnp3 at panix.com>

> Verizon has had some serious problems lately with overdoing their spam 
> blocking. My wife wasn't receiving email from Turkey for a couple of weeks 
> or so. Finally, I spotted an article--can't remember where--that said that 
> Verizon was blocking email from certain domains in East Europe and Asia 
> that supposedly were linked with spam. She had to contact Verizon to 
> specifically remove the filters that blocked mail from Turkey domains. I 
> am not sure why in the world the U. of Utah would be treated in this 
> fashion, but in any case you are dealing with an obvious tendency to go 
> overboard.

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