[Marxism] tech note for verizon subscribers

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Mar 2 12:07:54 MST 2005

Carlos A. Rivera wrote:

> One of the reasons being that professional spamming software reads 
> bounced messages and groups addresses according to bounce back message 
> to prioritize address administration. By giving a 450, the hope is 
> that the spam software would then demote address and not try it again 
> for say, a week. After that period, they try again and again get the 
> 450, and after a few tries, then delete the address altogether. 

do you think we would get thru if we had list server try again 
immediately? is there some minimum period of time they want delivering 
MTA to wait? if its a lot more than the time it takes us to deliver one 
msg to all recipients, its cold wate ron mailing list delivery.

maybe Lou can argue to remove the spam flag on us.


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