[Marxism] Union tops purge AFSCME 1707 president for antiwar,antiboss views

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Wed Mar 2 23:31:45 MST 2005

The AFL-CIO, and their Democratic and State Department Socialist croonies, 
are not only doing this here.

In Puerto Rico, the largest union is the Puerto Rican Federation of Teachers 

Almost 2 years ago, CODEMI, the Democracy and Militancy Comittee, outsted 
the former leadership and won a landslide victory in the first election 
after gaining exclusive representation for teachers. The multi-million 
dollar campaing against CODEMI was basically a red-baiting, fear-mongering 
campaing, based in part in the fact that CODEMI was founded, and is lead, by 
my organization's Teacher's Caucus, an autonomous body of teachers within my 

Now, I have had my share of disagreements with the Caucus, who for the most 
part are a bunch of anarchist post-Maos who hate Fidel. But they are 
probably the best union leadership that Puerto Rico has had in a long time. 
They are skillful pragmatists who nervetheless are completely dedicated to 
the class and to the national struggle. Grey bureaucrats they aren't.

In September the union voted to disaffiliate itself from the AFT by a wide 
margin. This vote was an integral part of the CODEMI platform, but 
nevertheless we expected the position to lose by a narrow margin. When it 
won by a wide margin, we discovered that a former leadership faction, that 
had been extremely critical of CODEMI, had apparently quitely instructed 
their delegates to support us without much fanfare.

The AFT has countered with another slanderous campaing, one of its key 
attacks being that suppossedly the current leadership was hiding the 
financial reports, which were in fact available in the website since the day 
of the Assembly. Now the AFT is trying to place the union under Trustship.

And now the anti-AFT former leadership faction's leader has spoken clearly 
and loudly in support of CODEMI over this question. He still managed some 
strongly worded criticism for CODEMI, but it was nothing compared to what he 
had to say for the AFT.

Now, I believe in internationalism. But the AFL-CIO is noothing but labor 
imperialism, so much that even a corrupt, autocratic former union president 
in the FMPR agree.

The ironic thing is that he was a founder of my organization, and his son is 
the spokesperson of the Youth in the UPR. He left when we wouldn't make him 


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> The struggle for DC 1707
> By Lee Sustar and Shaun Harkin | February 25, 2005 | Page 11| Socialist
> Worker
> NEW YORK--An outspoken official in the public-sector union AFSCME has
> been removed from office undemocratically amid a dispute over a contract
> ratification vote for New York City day care workers.

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