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DoC donaloc at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 3 04:46:12 MST 2005

Calvin, a chara,

Thanks for those sources. I was really looking for some more up to date 
information as I think that the situation has changed significantly. 
Muslims in Britain now occupy a position once held by Irish people. Many 
Irish have left England (many, sadly, for reasons of prejudice against 
the increasing multiculturalism with which they are faced). So the Irish 
are not such a significant class in British terms as they were - 
particularly in the context of the Peace Process in Ireland itself.

Other recent developments are the trajectories of the Welsh, Scots and 
English 'regional' identities combining with the social disadvantage 
experienced by large populations of people living outside the Southeast 
of England. Similarly, where does the radicalisation of the inner city 
urban areas of Britain lie today?

I think that the singularity of the Blairite project not allowing for 
any other representation of the British state interests to develop (i.e. 
the complete incapability of the Tories to do anything to change their 
dominance) reflects a weakness in the British state itself. Clearly, 
British imperialist strength is connected to US dominance but if it had 
to face its own demons - just where would it be relative to its own 
'dis-contents'? That is the question I really need help answering. 
Thanks for your help though - the extent of your sources shows that 
there is a gap in serious socialist analysis of the British state and 
its population.

Le meas,

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