[Marxism] Der Spiegel Brands Belfast Most Racist City in the World

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 3 05:33:38 MST 2005

The truth of the following article is a terrible disgrace. It is, of course, 
worth noting that the article does not highlight the views or responses of 
the many Belfast people actively and vociferously opposed to racism, not to 
mention the silent mass of anti-racists.


Mag brands Belfast most racist city
Der Spiegel lays blame on loyalists.

by Debra Douglas

02 March 2005
An influential international magazine has branded Belfast the most racist 
city in the world, it emerged today.

In an article in German magazine Der Spiegel about recent political 
developments in Northern Ireland, loyalist paramilitaries were referred to 
as "criminals and drug dealers" who "assault Chinese immigrants, paint 
swastikas on walls and have managed to turn Belfast into the world's most 
racist city".

Margaret Donaghy, chief officer at the Multi-Cultural Resource Centre 
(Northern Ireland) said describing Belfast as the most racist city was a 
"fair comment" .

"Statistics prove it. We have a high ratio of racist attacks here - 
particularly in south Belfast - and they can go from name calling to petrol 

"Over the past four or five years, there has been an increase in the number 
of incidents although that could be in part to more people coming forward to 
report them.

"It doesn't make Belfast a 'no-go area' but there are areas we would not 
recommend to people," she said.

The comment, by reporter Matthias Matussek, comes as the PSNI is ordered to 
tackle hate crime.

The latest statistics show that between April and June 2004, there were 66 
racist incidents reported in Belfast and a total of 147 across Northern 

Between August and September there were 68 incidents recorded in Belfast and 
171 across Northern Ireland and between October and December, there were 44 
in Belfast and 156 in Northern Ireland.

The problem of racist attacks hit the headlines last year when the UVF 
instigated a campaign to drive ethnic-minority groups out of south Belfast.

Leaflets were also distributed in the area, voicing opposition to the 
building of a Chinese community centre in the area.

In November, more than 100 people attended a rally in north Belfast to 
condemn racist attacks after graffiti was painted on houses at Queen 
Victoria Gardens and Fortwilliam Parade ordering members of the Chinese and 
Filipino communities to get out. Swastikas and other slogans were also 

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