[Marxism] LH Special Announcement: A Call for Campus Resistance, and the Means to Coordinate

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Thu Mar 3 06:13:05 MST 2005

  Special Announcement: Thursday, March 3, 2005

A Call for Campus Resistance, and the Means to Coordinate

The Editors

Dear /Left Hook/ readers,

As the second anniversary of the Iraq invasion approaches, it is
imperative that we as American youth take a leading role in stepping up
opposition to the war and occupation, the twin poisons responsible for
inflictive suffering upon Iraqis and Americans alike. It is with this
sentiment in mind that we, in co-ordination with the /Campus Anti-war
Network/, /Global Resistance Network/, and /Znet/, urge all youth to
partake in a *Week of Campus Resistance* from March 14-18 - to
demonstrate against the war in some form - or many forms - at our
campuses and high schools. For this express purpose we have initiated a
website so that activists on the ground can co-ordinate and plan their
actions with other activists in their area effectively; it is located at
< <http://www.tools4change.org/wcr/>http://www.tools4change.org/wcr/>.
The full call is below.

Derek Seidman and M. Junaid Alam


Call for Week of Campus Resistance

On the week of the second anniversary of the U.S. led invasion of Iraq,
we the students and youth believe it is time we make our presence felt
within the greater antiwar movement. During the fifties and sixties, we
led powerful civil rights struggles. We were among the leadership of the
anti-Vietnam War struggles during the sixties and seventies as well. In
this spirit, we are standing up against the unjust and illegal wars in
Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

We urge students of all ages to engage in a variety of actions during
the week of March 14 – 18. We also urge students to link up their
struggles with the major protests on March 19th. We want students to
lead the campus struggle themselves. We urge students to demonstrate,
walkout, sit-in, protest military recruiters, organize an educational
forum, or engage in some other antiwar activity. Every action is
important. We encourage all students to join this week of campus

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