[Marxism] Countercurrent thinking contest

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Mar 3 12:52:21 MST 2005

the Cuban Book Institute (ICL) announces its

"Countercurrent Thinking"
Essay Contest.

In order to recognize and spread critical thinking about the problems and 
challenges of today's world from a broad anti-imperialist perspective of 
solidarity, the Cuban Book Institute (ICL) announces its ¨Countercurrent 
Thinking¨ Essay Contest.

By encouraging currents of thought which have been atomized, silenced and 
marginalized by today’s vast networks of domination, this award is aimed at 
contributing to the creation of an active system of ideas within the social 
sciences and cultural fields which promotes change and resistance to 
hegemonic authority.

1. Authors from all countries may submit a previously unpublished essay in 
Spanish, Portuguese, English or French, or a translation of the essay into 
any of these languages. The essay may not have won awards at other contests 
and no commitments to publish it elsewhere may exist.

2. The essay should be no shorter than 20 and no longer than 40 pages in 
length. A standard page contains 1, 800 characters (30 lines of 60 
characters each).

3. Only one essay may be submitted by the entrant.

4. Essays must be submitted before 30 March 2005. One copy of the essay 
must be submitted via e-mail as an attached file, preferably .rtf (.doc or 
open-format files, such as Linux, will also be accepted), to the following 
address: <mailto:contracorriente at icl.cult.cu.>contracorriente at icl.cult.cu. 
The e-mail must contain the entrant’s full name, address and a short 
curriculum vitae.

5. An international jury, presided over by Atilio Boron (Argentina) and 
composed of Francois Houtard (Belgium), Roberto Fernández Retamar (Cuba), 
James Cockcroft (United States) and Theotonio Dos Santos (Brazil), shall 
award three awards of 1, 500, 1, 000, and 500 euro for first, second and 
third place winning entries, respectively. Entries may also receive 
honorable mentions without cash prizes.

6. An anthology of the winning entries and a selection of essays submitted 
shall be published. The Cuban Book Institute (Instituto Cubano del Libro) 
reserves the right to a first edition of the submitted entries, valid for 
one year from the contest deadline.

7. The jury’s decision is unappealable; it will be made known in Havana in 
June 2005 at the closing ceremony of the Culture and Development symposium.

8. All entrants must abide by these rules.

9. For any information, please visit 
<http://www.cubaliteraria.com/www.cubaliteraria.cu>www.cubaliteraria.cu or 
write to <mailto:contracorriente at icl.cult.cu>contracorriente at icl.cult.cu



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