[Marxism] Arguing against Creationism and Healyism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Mar 3 16:05:02 MST 2005

Bill Hughes wrote:
>I would like to see evidence of Furedi's
>denial of any group's human rights; he does argue for universal rights,
>rather then the pluralism of cultural politics, but then the latter is not a
>Marxist concept but is again a symptom of the postmodern response to the
>temporary victory of capital.

I see that you at least don't make the effort to depict spiked-online as 
being part of the left. I think that we can all agree, along with Furedi, 
Mick Hume et al, that they don't see themselves as part of the left either. 
In fact, they reject the terms of "left" and "right" as having little value 
nowadays. I suppose that is what allows them to co-sponsor conferences on a 
regular basis with Hill-Knowlton, the PR firm that whipped up the campaign 
for the first Gulf War. Remember the hysteria about Iraqi troops plucking 
Kuwaiti babies from their respirators and throwing them on the cold 
hospital floor to die? That was Hill-Knowlton who cooked that up. I'd as 
soon co-sponsor conferences with them as shake hands with the devil. On 
second thought, let me get on the phone with Lucifer and set something up 
right now...

Louis Proyect
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