[Marxism] The Dollar and the American Language

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Thu Mar 3 20:08:08 MST 2005

"The Dollar and the American Language": (BBC says that "[a] third of 
people on the planet will be learning English in the next decade." 
The US Empire has three pillars: the Dollar, the Sword, and the 
American Language. The three pillars support one another. Just as the 
dollar, made the global reserve currency by the sword, has allowed 
Washington to run an empire on budget and trade deficits, the 
American Language, the chief inheritor of the linguistic estate of 
the British Empire and its colonial subjects, has allowed Washington 
to manage the empire on foreign language education deficits, sparing 
it the costs of establishing a British-style colonial civil service. 
As the dollar goes south, however, will fewer people in the world be 
studying American English, and will Americans be finally compelled to 
learn a foreign language or two?): -- FULL TEXT: 

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